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                                    A  Second Half of Life Ministry in the Making                

This 133 year old cabin from Tennessee will be coming home to Ivy Jean's Ozark Farmstead in December 2017 to live out the second half of her life as a Little Log Chapel in the woods; The Whippoorwill Ridge Log Chapel.                    Just as God intended it to be All Along.
Jeremiah 29 : 11; "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

                                  Information on how you can bless this building fund and ministry is located at the bottom of this page. Thank You!                                                            In Exodus 25:1-9 we see where God prompts Moses to ask people to give willingly to the building of the House of the LORD 

The Story:   The picture on the left was taken on  September 22, 2017.  This was the first time I ever laid my eyes and my heart on this little cabin.                     She comes from deep in the rurals of southern Tennessee. I didn't find the Cabin, the Cabin found Me!  But God started this journey way back in December 2002 on a crisp winter day as I was walking this 10 acre rough cedar glade hillside,anticipating the purchase of it and hoping that it would soon become Ivy Jean's Ozark Farmstead; My Home.

During that morning winter walk  I came to the edge of the woods, just up the hill from the creek where a big beautiful ridge of dark volcano culture rocks stretch out long to the north and to the south through the property .  Here is where  big hard wood trees grow deep and spread their limbs high, a beautiful place for a rest.  As I sat on one large rock  in total awe of this inspiring yet peaceful view I heard a still small voice inside my head, my heart, say "Take off your shoes girl you're walking on Holy Ground." I paused...and then I continued to listen and observe in silence for quite some time. As I sat in the stillness of prayer I knew I was to build a little log chapel right there on that spot.                It was to be an old cabin that needed a second chance, just like a lot of us who need second chances in life too. 

Our God is a God of second, third, four and more chances. He never gives up on us!  So this is a second chance rescue log cabin for Christ. It  will stand proud again, proud to be a place of peace and rest for others, Just as Christ rescues us and gives us peace and rest for our souls, then sends us out to serve others!

The Whippoorwill Ridge Log Chapel Ministries mission statement is:   ' Restore the past to preserve the future by creating a place to Connect to the Creator through His creations; Reaching the hearts of Broken Simple Souls through Simplicity.

 With the help of loving friends and the generosity of fine folks I've been able to purchase, dismantle, haul and re-erect the cabin on the veryspot that God told me to place her here in the woods on my farm. We've given her more strength and dignity than she has seen in the past 134 years. Yes, circa 1884 was here origin as I understand. We continue working with great TLC! (tender loving care) so she can stand proud and strong even with all of her brokenness as God's little House in the woods; The Whippoorwill Ridge Log Chapel. She will be a fine house of the Lord and will bring Glory and Peace and Rest to our Souls! Matthew 11:28-30

SISTER CYNTHIA, A REACHER not a Preacher! Reaching Hearts for God!

Sister Cynthia, Reacher, not a Preacher! A Reacher of Hearts for God!

I want to say Thank You in advance to all generous donors for giving to the building fund of The Whippoorwill Ridge Log Chapel!

I'm so humbled and honored to see this kind of faith and generosity from others for this mission that God began as a seed back in December 2002, but now it  is happening.  God's purposes always come about in His time ! The bible says that He will have the rocks to cry out if needed!  And then we see that He even uses humble little dirt clod servants like me and y0u!  Thank You so much!      Exodus 35:4-29 God speaks to Moses of willing hearts giving offerings to build God's tabernacle.


You, Sweet Reader, if  your heart is being led to willing share some of your financial blessings by donating to this  building fund it would be greatly appreciated. 

I, along with my CPA, who is donating her time, are working on making this ministry a 501c3 a not for profit entity. So your donations (if needed) can be tax deductible and a receipt (if needed) will be sent to you asap! Thank You.


Cyndi Strecky                                                   373 Fossil Cove Road   Cape Fair, MO 65624 

make checks payable to   Cyndi Strecky                                                                                           in the memo line please write   Whippoorwill Ridge Log Chapel'  or   WRLC