Small, Intimate Weddings or Celebrations are Special too! Young or not so Young, Traditional or Old Hippie, your Wedding or  Civil Union Celebration in the Beautiful Ozarks Country says  a lot about you as a couple. It says you have class, style, a sense of fun, family, friends and simplicity.   

For the first-time wedding couples or beyond the first, second or third... all of life’s chapters are to be savored and celebrated. We offer Custom Weddings   and  complete wedding & reception packages too.

 Beautiful Loft Honeymoon suite available and more rooms for the wedding party or family.

For more information  and to schedule a consultation prior to booking your wedding or union at Ivy Jean’s Farmstead, contact us today! CLICK HERE.

Happily Ever After, Again!

And Again!

 It's all about sharing the happy & the fun!

• Wedding & Reception Package at Ivy Jean’s Farmstead can Happen Inside or Outside or Both!


 Wedding Package at Ivy Jean’s Farmstead are custom made just for your special day.

 For any custom weddings, under 100 please contact us.

Smoking allowed at the outside DESIGNATED AREA ONLY!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime for any reason. We do not allow Rude Behavior, Self Absorbed Arrogance or Disrespectful Behavior in any way shape or form. As a very wise man once said "Treat others the way you wish to be treated." We believe in Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness, Self Control, Peace, Joy and Love! Against these things there is no law.

Marriage license information:

Apply for your marriage license at any county recorder of deeds in the State of Missouri. $51 cash application. License good for 30 days. Both parties must present with valid photo ID.

Stone County, Missouri

Amy Larson, Stone County Recorder of Deeds, 108A East Fourth Street, PO Box 186, Galena, Missouri 65656

The Meadow Rocks

An Inside Autumn Arbor

How about a Firearms Bridal Shower Weekend?

How about a Firearms Bridal Shower Weekend?