CERTIFIED CLASSES FOR WOMEN - BY WOMEN   

Spring 2020 workshop dates: To Be Announced

Please call for upcoming classes or to talk about private classes. 417-230-3587                       

  *  If  you are a Bare Bones Beginner with no experience at all in firearms or a Gal who's already gone through a Conceal Carry Weapons (CCW) class, but still want more women specific Instruction, Training, Conversation & Confidence this workshop is for you!

 *  Now, more than ever, with the changing gun laws which allow almost anybody to own a firearm without proper training, women NEED the facts, the knowledge, the one on one hands on training and understanding that this Workshop Offers! 

 *  The experience of this workshop relieves anxieties and builds confidence and courage in a safe women friendly environment.

 *  CCW or Conceal Carry Weapons permits are granted upon a successful completion of this course. (Yes, these permits are STILL very important)


     12 hours of fascinating practical tactical one on one women specific training.

                                                 To ensure that each lady receives quality  individual instruction, there is a maximum of 10 ladies per workshop.                                                MEALS are INCLUDED where specified in all workshops  (because us girls bond over food!)


Thank You Sheriff Rader for your Support and Encouragement, and FUN!.
  • Our classes are designed for women by women to Educate, Empower and Equip women with  knowledge, skills, and hands on practical application training in a fabulous female friendly and safe atmosphere.

  • Our goal is to create a safe enjoyable learning experience for women of all ages as they build confidence and knowledge in  personal protection, self defense and firearms. It Is So Much More Than Just Acquiring Your Conceal & Carry Permit!

  •  The firearm industry overall is very male driven and the unique needs of women and firearms have been generally overlooked until lately.  Women think, learn and process information differently than men do.  We get that! We Fix That!

  • In a mixed gender firearms class many women feel intimidated to speak up and ask the critical questions and discuss their fears & apprehensions.   In our women only classes we encourage the questions critical to a woman's unique needs of learning and her lifestyle and personal style.


  • "So glad I took the class at Ivy Jean's. It was very informative and insightful.  So nice to be able to relate and share with other women with the same concerns. Thank you for doing such an awesome job. Oh... and the food served was off the chart!!" Ms. Jackie Elaine

  • "Who knew that getting your CCW could also be so much fun! Thank you Cyndi for offering this workshop for women and by women. It was great!" Ms. Ladonna Marty

  • "Wasn't that the most Awesome workshop! Impossible to rate - the friends, the food, the environment and oh yes, the actual information and experience!" Ms. Carol Nolin

  • "The best way for women to learn something that is historically from  Man's World is from other women, with other women! Ivy Jean's Ozark Farmstead made us feel so welcome and comfortable!" Ms. Shelley Hoffman

Our Stone County Sheriff supports these workshops for women

A Big Thank You to our Stone County Sheriff Department for the support and encouragement of the Firearms  Workshops for Women here at Ivy Jean's!

  •  I, Cyndi M. Strecky, am a trained Certified Pistol and Conceal Carry Weapon Instructor. I teach and host this workshop. I'm also the Owner and Operator of Ivy Jean's Ozark Farmstead. I'm endorsed and certified by the NRA and more importantly by the Stone County Sheriff Department and members of The National Law Enforcement Week Committee.

  • Some women may already have a Conceal and Carry Permit but ask yourself "do I feel confident and at ease with the firearm?" "Am I really confidently prepared in case of an unexpected confrontation?" In these workshops we give you much more than the mandatory 8 hour safety training outline for a CCW permit, we give you practical application. YES, upon a successful completion of this workshop you will get the certification needed to receive your CCW permit from your own counties Sheriffs Department. This Permit is still needed across certaincounties in Missouri and across state lines.

  • Many, if not most women, are not comfortable at all with pistols, they can be frightening and dangerous....I can help relieve those real anxieties and turn them into Confidence and Courage with this workshop!

  •  Many women were given a gun or taken to a CCW class by a well meaning husband or guy friend, "here, take this gun, it'll work for ya." or "Here, come get this permit with me."  But did you try the gun on or try it out to see if it feels right in your hands with your strength, your size, your lifestyle? Probably not. Did you retain much information in the class if it was male dominated?  Probably not. We can help with that. 

  • We love our men, but, having a man tell you what gun will work for you is like having a man go pick out a bra for you to wear!!! The feel of a good Firearm is like the feel of a good Bra, very personal!  Don't worry, We can help with that too!

Women Weapon Ready Workshop

Missouri Conceal & Carry PLUS So Much MORE; All the tools a women needs for Confidence, Comfort, Practical Application & Self Awareness.                                          

This two day workshop (12 hours) includes   Missouri Conceal and Carry Course plus SO MUCH MORE information and practical hands on instruction. All SPECIFIC TO A WOMAN'SNEEDS!                     


Maximum 12 women per workshop Minimum 4women per workshop

All classroom portion of the training, including acclimation of firearms by using air-soft pistols  and firearms holstering/ apparel try it time will be conducted inside.  

All live fire exercises, Conceal Carry Weapon permit qualifying and training are held outside at the range.

DO I NEED MY OWN GUN FOR THE WORKSHOP?  NO! If you DO NOT have a pistol, you may rent one with ammunition for $25.

You will be shooting 40 rounds of ammo for the CCW qualification. If you have your own firearm, please bring it  UNLOADED and in a case or gun bag. Do not open it, it must be checked in upon arrival. 

        Workshop Topics Covered:

  • Missouri State Conceal Carry Weapon Statutes is an 8 hour mandatory training by an  NRA Certified Instructor. Cyndi M. Strecky is an NRA Certified Instructor and supported by Stone County Missouri Sheriff Doug Rader.  Upon successful completion of this course you will receive the Missouri CCW certification.
  • This workshop is longer in time because it offers so much more than the mere mandatory. It prepares a women for her daily practical application RESPONSIBLY! 
  • Attitude, skills and knowledge necessary for using a firearm safely. Vocabulary, pistol parts, operations, gun safety and shooting fundamentals.

  • How to carry a pistol on your person confidently and comfortably. How and where to wear holsters for different occasions and dress with different body styles. How to draw from holsters with accuracy and confidence no matter what your size or style is.

  • Hands on pistol practice with non lethal firearms called Air Soft Pistols prior to qualifying with a real firearm. These pistols are used many times in law enforcement training. This relaxes nerves and builds confidence.

Delicious Farm Fresh Meals Included!

Complete Workshop Fee $130

Beautiful Overnight Accommodations along with the workshop add $40.00

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